Tropic like it’s hot

Tropic like it’s hot

“What is this? A broervoer blog in English?” Well yeah. A really special Tiki Today! We love cocktails and the Erasmus Student Network loves them even more! They challenged broervoer to make a cocktail and to write a review about it. Well luckily for ESN I’m really good in doing both of those!

Cocktails are amazing: they can be bitter, sweet, pink, yellow or blue (apparently Jasmijn of the PR only drinks blue cocktails). But today we are going to make something tropical because it’s getting a bit too cold for the international students. This cocktail is designed as a pre-drink before Poema and is high in alcohol content. We recommend max of 2 servings per person as this is a pretty hefty cocktail. And you don’t want to get waisted before you get to Poema, now would you…

What do you need (1 glass)

  • 2,5 shot of Bacardi Carta Negra
  • 1 shot of Bacardi Blanco
  • 0.5 shot of Absinth
  • 0.5 shot of Triple Sec
  • 1 shot of lemon
  • 1 shot of lime
  • 1 shot of simple syrup
  • 1,5 shots of Raak Multivruchten
  • Cola to top it off
  • Shit ton of ice
  • Cobbler shaker or a Boston Shaker
  • Decorations

First of all you need to fill you high ball glass with ice, like really pack it. We want to serve you your drink as cold as possible so it’s important that the drink AND the glass is chilled. You could put your glass in the freezer, but you would look like an idiot who stores his glassware in a freezer.

We are going to fill the shaker for around 3/4 with ice and pour all our liquid into it. DON’T START SHAKING YET. Because most of you have no clue WHY you are shaking, let me tell you. You shake to make your drink colder and to dilute your drink. You need to shake your tin for a maximum of 10 seconds.¬† “But if I shake it longer, it will get colder right?” Nope, the minimum a cocktail can get is around -7 Celsius thanks to the alcohol. By shaking it longer you’re just¬†diluting your drink more. But if you want to shake your booty more then 10 secondes I can’t blame you.

Now pour it al into your chilled glass, and top it off with cola. We recommend you use Pepsi, because Pepsi was made to be served cold and Coca Cola is designed to be served at room temperature. Enjoy, and drink responsibly !

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